Best wedding makeup artist Lahti

What to consider when choosing best wedding makeup artist Lahti? There can be many answers to these questions, but above all, it’s worth starting with the makeup artist’s portfolio. After getting acquainted with photos of make-up from the portfolio of a given makeup artist, you will be able to assess her style and find out if you can get along on the level of aesthetics. Also pay attention to the processing of photos presenting the work of the makeup artist. The less editing and filters the better. Check orders, read opinions and reach for contacts from your surroundings.

The second element distinguishing the best wedding makeup artist Lahti is the makeup artist’s box, or rather what is inside. Going to the makeup artist, we expect that she will work on good quality products, so it would be bad to be disappointed and discouraged. Ask what products she uses every day, what brands are in her cassette. And remember that the quality of cosmetics is not reflected in their price!

Best wedding makeup artist Lahti will show its skills during the test makeup. Let us remember that this is a must have item when preparing for the wedding ceremony. This is a really important meeting during which not only your wedding make-up will be tested, but above all – you will meet. Your makeup artist will be able to assess your skin condition. If you have time to act, maybe he’ll tell you something or recommend. She will be able to look at the makeup inspirations you bring. How many make-ups attempts you make depends only on you? You need to feel at least good in this makeup. If you are unsure of the effect the first time, make another attempt. Tell your makeup artist what is right and what is not quite convincing.

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